June 25, 2022

Privacy Policy and TOS

(this is temporary and will change to look more legal-ish in the near future)

Your Information

I’m using WordPress and at the moment, assume that there are built-in trackers on this site set by WordPress itself. If you post, your IP is automatically logged and comments may be sent to a central database somewhere – so don’t post anything that will come back to haunt you if you should become famous, or make political enemies.

While I am privy to some of this information (IP addresses and emails, as do all blogging sites), I will never, EVER sell it. May whoever thought this was a good idea be forever stepping on legos.

Cookies are delicious unless they are coming from your browser because you can’t byte them… Seriously, if you don’t want them, you’ll have to turn them off in the settings in your browser. Adblocking plugins will also block non-important cookies.

Community Guidelines

All comments are moderated. I try to get to them as quickly as I can but I am a one-woman show at the moment. So please be patient.

Just don’t be a jerk… either to me or to others. If you do see someone trying to start something, ignore it. If it really bothers you, then find all of their social media accounts and block them. You don’t need that toxicity in your life.

Don’t spam, it doesn’t work with me. Any spam will only show up to me, and it will be deleted without remorse. No clicks, no attention, just gone as if you never posted. Go away and rethink your life you spamming spammer.

Avoid politics, unless it’s related to worldbuilding. Talking about how we may have gotten to where we are is fine. Trying to blame any particular party is not. Keep in mind, this site is accessible to all countries (that allow it) and they really don’t care about our politics. They have enough to worry about.

Doxxing, threats, intentionally trying to recruit to commit violent acts will be reported. Don’t try it… not even once. Go back to Twitter or Gab (depending on what side you’re on).